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nichemarket Round-up For November 2019

02 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Updates

nichemarket Round-up For November 2019

Hey nichemarketers & nicheseekers

We've reached the end of November and have now been up and running for about eleven and a half months now. Plenty has happened during the month filled with ghouls and goblins. So let's catch up with all the highlights with our November monthly round-up, shall we?

What is the round-up all about?

In a bid to show you that we are indeed community focused and want to be as open and transparent with South Africa we will be posting monthly summaries of how our services have improved and what's been happening on nichemarket, so you never miss out on vital information. We're not like other startups and tech business where we want to keep things shrouded in mystery, and we're happy to share our progress with all of you.

We realise we cannot grow without the support of both nichemarketers (business owners) and nicheseekers (consumers) and would like you all to feel part of the nichemarket community.

We've launched our Ad Platform

November has been a pretty exciting month for us here at nichemarket as we've finally deployed our new small business ad platform to help South African SME's get their deals online faster than ever before. All nichemarkets with approved listings will now be able to place 3 FREE ads on their profile each month to promote their goods and services across eight new promotional categories. 

Summary for November 2019

Website performance summary

Visitor performance

  • 44,323 Visits
  • 76,305 Pageviews
  • 39,270 New Visitors to the site
  • Average time spent on site per user 5 minutes and 30 seconds

User Signups (nichemarketers & nicheseekers)

  • 345 new user accounts created

New Businesses Added

  • 169 business

Most Viewed Business

  1. Sneaker Store ZA
  2. Lady Janes Adult Toys
  3. Selenes Online Boutique
  4. Web Printer
  5. Afrimedics

Top 5 Categories

  1. Construction & Home Improvement
  2. Retail
  3. Freelancers
  4. Finance
  5. Beauty

Most popular business search terms used

  • Black Friday
  • Electrician
  • Massage

Geographical breakdown

A break down of where our visitors are coming from in South Africa

  • Gauteng - 57.54%
  • Western Cape - 24.36%
  • KwaZulu-Natal - 12.36%
  • Eastern Cape - 2.56%
  • Free State - 1.45%
  • Mpumalanga - 1.04%
  • Limpopo - 0.65%
  • North West - 0.58%
  • Northern Cape - 0.20%

Guest Bloggers

We've had a huge uptake in the number of guest post submissions as authors start to take note of what we're trying to achieve and wanting to share their insights with our audience. 

Thanks to the following guest bloggers who have contributed valuable insights towards the nichemarket blog over November:

  1. Jessica Smith - Post: All You Need To Know About CBD Oil
  2. Natalya Dyatko - Post: A Complete Guide to 5xx Server Errors
  3. Joshua Robinson - Post: 5 Books Every Student Should Read
  4. Michael Deane - Post: 6 Financial Spits Between Millennials and Their Parents
  5. Sandra Larson - Post: 5 Marketing Facts That Might Kill Your Sales
  6. Alexe Chasanov - Post: Why First Time DUI Offenders Need to Hire a Lawyer
  7. Alexe Chasanov - Post: 7 Documents You Need When Selling A Car
  8. Kevin Nelson - Post: 5 Tips To Help You Pick the Right Baby Food Maker
  9. Kyle Moore - Post: Tips On Financing Your Golf Cart
  10. Harleen Rachael - Post: 7 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign
  11. Cindy Hawthorne - Post: Drive Fashion Related Traffic From Instagram
  12. Lilly Miller - Post: How To Bring The Camping Experience Home
  13. Melissa Crooks - Post: The Benefits of A Cryptocurrency Based Wallet
  14. Payman Taei - Post: How to Create a Catalogue for Your Food Blogs
  15. Monica Gibson - Post: How to Take Proper Care of Your Home
  16. Desa Rome - Post: Best Destinations To Visit In November
  17. Desa Rome - Post: Tips For Solo-travellers Visiting London
  18. Melissa Crooks - Post: Technology Trends Change For VR App Developers
  19. George Foster - Post: 5 Expenses Online Training Software Can Eliminate
  20. Rilind Elezaj - Post: 5 Tips on Time Management for Maximum Productivity
  21. Walter Moore - Post: What You Must Know about Immune Response
  22. Alisha George - Post: 8 Fitness Apps to Help You Get in Shape Fast
  23. Jessica Smith - Post: 5 Ways CBD Can Put Your Anxiety On Snooze
  24. Helen Bell - Post: Where To Buy CBD Vape Juice Online
  25. Jeffery Wright - Post: 5 Hidden Benefits of Solar Powered Street Lights
  26. Lize-Mari Badenhorst - Post: Why South African Homes & Businesses Need An Armed Bar Upgrade
  27. Alexe Chasanov - Post: Secret Airbnb Tips That Will Surely Save You a Fortune
  28. Elena Randall - Post: How Blockchain Will Increase Corporate Profits
  29. Phoebe Hart - Post: Why Are Essays Important for Detecting Your Academic Level?
  30. Jane Walker - Post: 5 Little-Known Facts that Could Affect Your Startup Capital
  31. Christina Oosthuizen - Post: Does Web Design Affect Your Bottom Line?
  32. Carol Trehearn - Post: 5 Cost-Saving Tips for Growing Beauty Salons
  33. Tibor Anicic - Post: 7 Things To Consider When Insuring Your Farm
  34. Waqas Ahmad - Post: Top Luxury Watches Every Car Driver Should Own
  35. Jayaram Bhat - Post: 10 Crucial Magento Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online
  36. Rebecca Siggers - Post: 9 Best Party Cities To Go Clubbing in Europe
  37. George Foster - Post: Common Mistakes To Avoid While Learning Programming
  38. David E - Post: Starting a Bakery: Here Are Five Ingredients You Need
  39. Monica Gibson - Post: How To Prepare Your Home To Be A Smart Home
  40. Kym - Post: Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: A Comparison
  41. Tanya Mayer - Post: 9 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern

List your South African business for FREE

Create your free business listing on nichemarket.

The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online. 

Registering with nichemarket is easy; all you will need to do is head over to our sign up form and follow the instructions. If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles. 

Share your thoughts

What do you think of our performance this past month? What did you find most interesting about this month roundup? Do you have any tips and tricks we should be looking at? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site? Please let us know in the comments

Recommended reading

If you're interested in tracking our progress, then check out roundups from previous months

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