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nichemarket Round-up For February 2020

03 March 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Updates

2020 Feb Round up

Hey nichemarketers & nicheseekers

We've reached the end of February and have now been up and running for about 1 year and 1 month now. Plenty has happened during the month of love. So let's catch up with all the highlights with our February monthly round-up, shall we?

What is the round-up all about?

In a bid to show you that we are indeed community focused and want to be as open and transparent with South Africa we will be posting monthly summaries of how our services have improved and what's been happening on nichemarket, so you never miss out on vital information. We're not like other startups and tech business where we want to keep things shrouded in mystery, and we're happy to share our progress with all of you.

We realise we cannot grow without the support of both nichemarketers (business owners) and nicheseekers (consumers) and would like you all to feel part of the nichemarket community.

Summary for February 2020

Website performance summary

Visitor performance

  • 64, 611 Visits
  • 107, 345 Pageviews
  • 56,135 New Visitors to the site
  • Average time spent on site per user 4 minutes and 25 seconds

User Signups (nichemarketers & nicheseekers)

  • 524 new user accounts created

New Businesses Added

  • 245 business

Most Viewed Business

  1. Boat, Caravan & Camping Nigel
  2. Massage Me in South Africa
  3. Nizaam’s Auto Spares
  4. Movement Technical Services
  5. Steering Rack Repairs

Top 5 Categories

  1. Construction & Home Improvement
  2. Automotive
  3. Beauty
  4. Retail
  5. Freelancers

Most popular business search terms used

  • Electrician 
  • Building Consultant
  • Beauty Salons

Geographical breakdown

A break down of where our visitors are coming from in South Africa

  • Gauteng - 57.82%
  • Western Cape - 23.97%
  • KwaZulu-Natal - 11.68%
  • Eastern Cape - 2.74%
  • Free State - 1.19%
  • Limpopo - 0.81%
  • Mpumalanga - 0.79%
  • North West - 0.77%
  • Northern Cape - 0.22%

Guest Bloggers

We've had a huge uptake in the number of guest post submissions as authors start to take note of what we're trying to achieve and wanting to share their insights with our audience. 

Thanks to the following guest bloggers who have contributed valuable insights towards the nichemarket blog over January:

  1. Angelo Castelda - Post: Best Summer Destinations In The Philippines
  2. Sarah Joel - Post: How To Protect Your Phone Screen
  3. Taylor Linford - Post: Keto Questions: What to Ask Your Waiter
  4. Tobias Foster - Post: How To Find A Suitable Instagram Influencers For Your Brand
  5. David E. - Post: Seeking Peace in Divorce: What You Need to Know
  6. John Salazar - Post: How to Monetise A F2P Mobile Racing Game
  7. Kyle Moore- Post: Why You Should Always Use a Recruitment Agency
  8. Sunny Chawla- Post: 7 Tips For A Successful Recruitment Career
  9. Nikunj Dudhdat - Post:  How Construction Management Software Can Improve Your Business
  10. Natalie Crawford- Post:  10 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs
  11. Daria Lev - Post: 7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Video Production
  12. Christine Mauris- Post: 5 Effective Ways to Grow Beard Faster
  13. Sergey - Post: 5 Practical Tips on How to Conclude an Essay
  14. Alissa Zucker - Post: Dealing with Inappropriate Comments from Children
  15. Gaurav Belani - Post: How to Use AI on Your Website to Bring in More Business
  16. John Renzo De Leon- Post: How To Create The Ideal Kitchen
  17. Jane Evans- Post: The Best Spring Activities for Seniors and Kids
  18. Graciela Collins- Post: What is Boho Jewellery?
  19. David V. Hoang- Post: How to Manage and Treat Pollen Allergies
  20. Tom Simpkins- Post: How Trailers Make Festivals Fantastic
  21. Cameron Brody - Post: Tips To Determine The Market Value of Homes
  22. Tobias Foster - Post: How To Deal With Negativity In Your Instagram Comments
  23. John Hopkins - Post: How Companies Profit From Crypto Airdrops
  24. Jessica D - Post: Using Cannabis As An Alternative Treatment
  25. Smith Willas- Post: Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers and Boss
  26. Cameron Brody- Post: The Importance of Having a Company Wikipedia Page
  27. Christine Maurisy- Post: Innovative and Budget-Friendly Brand Awareness Campaign Ideas
  28. Isabel Ramos- Post: How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment
  29. Richard Brownys - Post:  5 Benefits and Side Effects of A Keto Diet
  30. Marie Barnes - Post:  How to Align Content Writing and SEO for Ecommerce
  31. Hannah Butler - Post: How To Prepare a Price Estimate or Quote?
  32. Ayla Anderson - Post: Common Roofing Problems And How To Solve Them
  33. Sunny Chawla- Post: Top 5 Tips To Get Start Recruitment Automation
  34. William Roy - Post: 7 Tips to Get Your Ecommerce Store Maximum Sales
  35. Richard Brownys - Post: 7 Diseases That CBD Oil Is Helping To Treat Right Now
  36. Rebecca Nelson- Post: How To Leverage Commercial Loans For Your Business
  37. Jane Evans- Post: 7 Things That Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance
  38. Yevhenii Myshchyshen- Post: How to Start a Career of a Professional Photographer
  39. Alan Wood- Post: Can You Make Your Own CBD Oil?
  40. Elizabeth La Riva - Post: New Home Inspection Checklist

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Share your thoughts

What do you think of our performance this past month? What did you find most interesting about this month roundup? Do you have any tips and tricks we should be looking at? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site? Please let us know in the comments

Recommended reading

If you're interested in tracking our progress, then check out roundups from previous months

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